An MBA class project on brand extension


For my Product & Brand Management class we were tasked with investigating new revenue generation opportunities for a brand. The scope of this project included identifying the problem, formalizing the target market, conducting market research customer attributes, developing an integrated market communications plan and proposing a go-to-market launch strategy.


Netflix is the company that brought binge-watching to life and started a revolution in the streaming service industry. When a customer is watching content for hours they tend to get hungry and need some munchies. There are way too many snack options at grocery stores and customers waste time choosing the right ones.

Netflix started as a DVD distribution service and still has 17 underutilized warehouses that are still operational. The cost-benefit analysis points out that this model isn’t sustainable in the long-run, especially due to the streaming wars with so many companies entering the market.

We decided to combine these two pain points into one single solution that helps both the customers and the company.


Introducing NETSNAX — an automated snack delivery service that curates items based on content preferences of customers. Our target market is consumers between 18-35 years of age, that are single. This product has a total addressable market (TAM) of $171 B/year and with an initial investment of $144M.