About Me

My Mission

Learn with empathy, mindfulness and creativity to bring joy that inspires people

The author in mountains of virginia

My Values


Understand other people through their frame of reference


Introduce things to the world that didn't exist before


Life is too short to not laugh and have fun

My Story

Once upon a time…I moved from India to America because my mom told me to dream big and not be afraid of failure.

And every day…I push myself to get learn something new, inspire people, and have fun while doing it

Until one day…I began my MBA where I learned the true power of how people, relationships, and emotions drive how we make decisions

And because of this…I started this website to share information about topics I care about which are food, travel, marketing, blockchain, and lifestyle

And because of this…I people to learn with me and build a community together

Until finally…I put my thoughts out there in this world full of information but this is my take on the topics which I feel will be very helpful to people

And ever since that day…I bring stories that will bring joy to inspire you